Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Redoing a Dresser

Well I am hoping this piece of furniture is a dresser. :-) Otherwise I have given it a wrong name. Anyways, we were given this when we moved into our house from a family member b/c we knew we would need some more dressers in this bigger house. Well this got put in the guest bedroom closet but I didn't really enjoy it there. Plus it was a dark wood color (can see in the before draw picture) that just did not match any of the rest of the house. Finally I came up with an idea on how to use it. My craft/office room is shared with the kids drawing stuff and I was tired of the mess. So decided that could paint this white and use my silhouette to make vinyl lettering to give everyone a drawer. It turned out great and it has been working wonderfully!!!

The done product!

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Judi said...

Love your redone dresser Sara - great job!